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Learn about our Leadership Teams, Bylaws & Committees

2023-24 PTA Board


Mary Capozzi

Vice President

Emma Smyth

Recording Secretary

Jackie Farenga


Alyssa Collins

2023-24 School Leadership Team (SLT)

The SLT is a consensus-based decision-making team responsible for developing an annual school Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) that is aligned with the school-based budget for the ensuing school year. The SLT has 10 members – 5 of which must be PTA parents – and ensures that parents have a voice in important decisions being made in our school.

To serve as a parent-member, a person must be a parent or legal guardian of a current P.S. 19 student.

School Staff Members

  • Ellen O'Brien (School Principal)

  • Kevin Bergmann

  • Kathy Brown (UFT rep)

  • Lynda Baker

  • Michele Patafio

  • Carrie Sheehan

Parent Members

  • Mary Capozzi (PTA President)

  • Emma McEnespie

  • Nnenna Franciamore

  • Jamie Gerrish

  • Ingrid Mulvey

PS 19 PTA Bylaws


Membership Committee

The responsibilities of the membership committee shall include but are not limited to: - encourage parent participation through recruitment and outreach; - plan various activities and events for member participation; - coordinate outreach efforts with the Parent Coordinator when possible; - maintain current list of the Association’s membership.

Budget Committee

The responsibilities of the budget committee shall include but are not limited to: - review prior year’s budget and make recommendations to executive board; - draft a proposed budget each spring for approval by general membership.

Audit Committee

The responsibilities of the audit committee shall include but not are limited to: - Conduct an internal audit of all financial affairs of the organization when needed or as determined by these bylaws; - Review as needed all financial records; - Prepare written reports of its findings.

Ad Hoc Committee

To accomplish a specific task or address a specific issue the executive board may recommend the formation of a committee that will cease to function once the task or issue has been addressed. The creation and dissolution of the committee must be recorded in the minutes of the Association.

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